Environmental Initiatives

Working with Local NGOs

Full Belly Brasil is working to help local NGOs become more environmentally friendly. Our current focus is reducing single use plastic waste by providing biodegradable alternatives for use when packaging and delivering meals.  

200,000 Trees Initiative

Full Belly Brasil is partnering with schools and environmental groups around the world to help organize and incentivize the planting of 200,000 trees. Donors have pledged to match every tree our partners plant, so that each tree planted equals an extra pound of food for a family in need. Over 70,000 trees have been planted in our name so far!

Clean Coasts Campaign

We are partnered with Utila Dive Center and their team of marine biologists to conduct beach cleanups in the Caribbean. We target select beaches, such a sea turtle nesting grounds, to have the biggest impact as possible. Donors have pledged to incentivize this campaign. For every pound of trash removed by our partners during beach clean ups, an extra pound of food will be provided to a family in need.