It is our mission to…
End world hunger.
Stop climate change. #FeedingFamlies

Our Values

We pledge to use sustainable practices to work toward a brighter future. Act today for a better tomorrow.

Our Strategy

We work with food distributors to recover what would otherwise become food waste and use this recovered food to help stop hunger. We also fight to help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing single-use plastic use, planting trees, and cleaning beaches.

Our Team

Two countries, one mission. We rely on the strengths of our diverse team to make an impact around the world. We are committed to making the world a better place, one meal at a time. We’re a united front with a dream to make Brazil a country of resource equality.

Our Impact


400,000 Meals


70,248 Trees

Debris cleaned from beaches

3,830 lbs.

Water Purification Systems Installed

19 Systems

Carbon Dioxide
Emissions reduced

597,380 lbs.

Emissions reduced

4,420 lbs.

Our Projects

Food Recovery Projects

Renovating Brazil’s food distribution system to help solve world hunger, food waste, and climate change


Clean Water Projects

Providing communities access to clean drinking water and water to use to grow crops


Environmental Initiatives

The 200,000 Trees Initiative, the Clean Coasts Campaign, and more.


Want to help?

Every $1 provides 10 meals to a family in need.

For donations of $500 or more, please consider making your gift via check. Send to Full Belly Brasil at 14156 St. Croix Way, Truckee, CA 96161.

Our Partners